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Sportman's Firearm Pistol Permit

Sportman's Firearm Pistol permits must be carried in conjunction with a valid hunting, fishing, furtaking license or a permit to train hunting dogs. The permit or "Pennsylvania Sportsman's Firearm Permit" does not imply or relate to permits for concealed firearms. You must produce both the Sportman's Firearm Pistol permit and your applicable license upon lawful demand of a law enforcement officer.

Sportman's Firearm Pistol permits must be applied for at the County Treasurer's Office. 

In order to apply for a Sportman's Firearm Pistol permit you must:

1. Present a current, valid hunting, fishing, or furtaking license; or present a permit relating to the use of hunting-dogs.
2. Present an additional and valid form of personal identification.
3.18 years of age or older .

To purchase a Sportman's Firearm Pistol Permit in person:

County Treasurer
Monroe County Administration Building
One Quaker Plaza Room 103
Stroudsburg PA 18360


$ 6.00 fee per permit payable to the County Treasurer.
$1.00 fee per replacement permit.

Each permit is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase.